Filter Comparison

here a quick gallery of many different filters I tested. The used filters and edits are in the captions and all thumbs are clickabe. I had no space to fit an extra collums with names, but the used fitlers are top to bottom:

  • OWB-CCD - (normal RGB)
  • MC-clear, (fullspec)
  • Proplanet 742
  • Proplanet 807
  • Schott RG665
  • Schott RG695
  • Schott RG780
  • Astronomik UHC-E

All shots are taken with my clear converted EOS550D and a 17-40 f/4 L lens at 22mm with f/8. I used live view (CDAF) auto focus and all pics are slighly cropped and tuned for contrast in lightroom (exept the 5200K shots, they are straight from the camera). The Bluesky pictures are edited in Photoshop CS4 and using: 1: Channel stretch (auto), 2: Switch Red-Blue channels (if needed), 3: hue shift and destaturate others than blue.

Here you can see see the Histograms of all the posted images

if you really want to, you can download some of the raw files:
but beware, they are large files (20mb)